1. Call the captain
-set the date, routeand duration of the cruise
-specify the number of people taking part in the cruise

2. Make a down payment to the company`s account
-specify your data for the invoice

3. The total amount due for the cruise must be credited on the company`s account by the day of starting the cruise

Targor-Truck Sp. z o.o, 07-415 Rzekuń, Ławy 97, Nip 758 20 45 405
Account PLN   Bank Zachodni WBK Oddział Ostrołęka   05 1500 1588 1215 8002 7723 0000

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People with passion

The sea and aviation – that`s what they have in common.
They appreciate the joy of spending time on water and in the sky.
We would like to share our passion with you!!




It will be my great pleasure to host you on the board of „ST. Michael”.


I am going to take the best care of you throughout the whole cruise. I will do everything I can to make you feel safe on board and make the cruise interesting and abounding in wonderful attractions.


Since my early youth I have been connected with the sea, and I have been a captain for 16 years. I have captained large motor and sail yachts. My experience is not limited only to the Baltic Sea waters. I have captained yachts on the North Sea, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Mediterranean Sea. I am passionate about the sea, and especially the Baltic Sea. I have developed this passion as a diving instructor exploring shipwrecks. I love our sea and I will try to pass some of this admiration to you. My great hope is to instil love of the sea in you. It is a wonderful, unrestrained form of freedom, joy and relaxation.




 I look forward to going on a cruise together with you.




It is my honour to invite you to the board of my yacht, “ST. Michael”.


I hope you will spend unforgettable moments at sea, enjoying the beauty and the elegance of the yacht.

The sights of our coast which you will have a chance to see will remain in your memories as moments of relaxation and great pleasure.


I am a Polish businessman who loves great open spaces. This is why my passions are aviation and sailing. My company regularly deals with land transportation, and the second type of activity specialises in pilot training and plane operation. I also organise leisure and training flights.

My Captain and I will do our utmost to make you feel completely satisfied with the cruise.


I invite you on board- the yacht and the crew are at your disposal.